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Get your free domain and free hosting to build your own free website easily and start with Affiliate Marketing. All you need is Internet access and the rest is free. This is how you can start your own online Business free and easy.

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Email Marketing

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Opportunities We researched the best and safest opportunities for our members. Set yourself up to create a sustainable and substantial monthly income.

Step 1: As soon as you are not paying a monthly fee on your main business any more, use that funds to get yourself some professional tools to promote your business. Video marketing is in the order of the day and keep on advertising and providing value on the internet. This is your second income stream.

Step 2: Build yourself  a blog or two and at least one website to give your business more exposure. A great blogging platform you can get involved with is IBOToolbox and/or ParaDoxCash Forum. Start building your list with an unlimited Auto-responder Service and provide value to your members. Still keep on advertising and making your mark on the internet.  While using this service you can create yourself a third income stream with a potential 5 figure income.

Step 3: When you still feel like expanding sign up with a Professional Host providing the easiest website builder on the Internet and everything you will need for your website (including a membership module) under one roof. Build your list and start selling your own or PLR products from your site. Remember; keep on advertising and improving your legacy (by now) on the Internet.

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HinvestA Business Concept


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HinvestA has adopted a business concept based on an element of cooperative marketing with multiple income streams where the one income stream complements the other. We are ready to help new comers and welcome professionals to the Home Business Industry.


Any member can start where they want in HinvestA.In the members area of HinvestA and through links provided in the newsletter you will find enough information to decide what you would like to do.  Be sure to follow the links on this website when signing up with anything we promote.  This will ensure our support to you.  If you sign up with anything without using the links on this website, we will not be able to support you.  Also remember that you can do all or part of this without stopping with whatever you are busy with and without being a member of HinvestA.The Concept Explained (read everything and then read again until you understand):

  1. Live Life Living.  Start living life living by signing up with our team in the opportunities we present.  Refer 3 who refers 3 and soon you will create an income for life.  As your team in grows so will your income. Start of with our team in Cyber Wealth 7 and ensure Security and Success with Protection Software. You will get free stock shares and also get 10 free shares for everyone you invite. 
  2. Your Own Online Business. Create a Gmail email account if you do not have one and build yourself a blog at Blogger Dot Com - it is free and easy.  Start making money with affiliate products.  Make use of our advertising opportunities to advertise your products or services. Use your blog to promote your MLM Business.
  3. Home Based Business ToolsGet your total online business tools package by signing up with our STIFORP team.  Use these tools for your business and build your STIFORP team to start building a constant stream of income.  You can also utilize these tools for your existing Business.
  4. Auto-responder ServiceSign up with our recommended Auto-responder service to put a subscription form on your website or blog and start building your list. As a member you may use the content of the emails you receive from HinvestA to draw subscribers to your list or you can provide your own value to subscribers to your list.  You can now also start using the numerous features of this service for your business.  Also start referring people to your Auto-responder service to build your potential 5 figure income.
  5. Get Your Business NoticedThe next step could be to start you own blog at blogger.com and/or IBOToolbox. You can blog wherever you want, but these are the easiest and IBOToolbox is more than just a blog.  You can purchase the articles under Random Specials in the Members Area of HinvestA or find articles elsewhere or write it yourself to post on your blog.
  6. Low Cost Opportunities.  Sign up for one or both of our two $2 opportunities, advertise your existing business and start creating some cash in the process. Save this cash as you will need it to expand your business and take it to new heights.  What can you lose?
  7. Advertise Your Business. HinvestA has excellent advertising opportunities that work and from which you can also earn additional income.Then we also provide daily scripture and general lifestyle products.Now, this may sound a little overwhelming.  Don't worry; just take it one step at a time. You might decide to only get involved with STIFORP or MyFunLife.  Later on you might decide you need an auto-responder service for your existing business.  Then even later you might decide it is a good idea to give your business more exposure and build a free website.  This is just how flexible this system is.  


In Summary:  


Home Based Business >> blog + affiliate products + advertising = money.  


List Building >> TrafficWave + subscription form to your website + auto-responder emails + sales + referrals = money.  


Home Business Tools >> STIFORP + advertising + referrals = money.  Live Life Living >> Teamwork + advertising + referrals = lifestyle of your choice + travel + money.  




1.  HinvestA Weekly Runner. Home Business E-Course.


2.  HinvestA Membership.


3.  Blog.


4.  Affiliate Membership for Products.


5.  Products with Resell Rights.


6.  Advertising.  




1.  TrafficWave Auto-responder Service. (Free 30 day trial).


2.  STIFORP. (Free tour).


3. Cyber Wealth 7. (Free shares)


4.  Advertising.


5.  Product Specials.   As you can see; the one business complements the other.  You can make money with any part of this concept alone.  Should you feel to expand, everything you need is right here.  We will even help you in your advertising effort on Banner Ads at HinvestA.    Cooperatively we market HinvestA with its multiple income streams.   

 See you on the inside.


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