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HinvestA has the vision of being a household name for the iGeneration Lifestyle, with the aim of helping people to improve their lifestyle and in the same time sharing opportunities with other Businesses that have the same objectives. HinvestA was founded in June 2011 with the registration of the domain HinvestA.com.   On 18 January 2012 the business was officially incorporated. The founder and owner of the Business is Herman van Niekerk.  With his vision in mind he will also be the chairman of HinvestA. 
Director Administration and Finance
 Why chairman?  As part of the vision of HinvestA the Chairman will have six Directors of which one is already appointed.  HinvestA will eventually have the following Directors:Director Administration and Finance.

Director Technical Services

Director Business Systems

Director Marketing

Director Lifestyle

Director Scripture

Who is Herman van Niekerk ?  Herman is a retired Deputy Director (Strategic Planning and Management) of a large organisation.  He had 25 years of service with this organisation and retired because of medical reasons.  Since his retirement in 1998 he went through some tough times but followed his doctor’s instructions to keep his brain busy.  Apart from being admitted to hospital for death, being attacked with a welding rod holder (left with a cracked skull in two places and scars in his face and on his body) being healed in a second from an ailment by the Grace of God (his doctor said it would take five years to heal), having studied the Bible for four years, he kept himself busy on his computer. 

In 2010 he got involved with Network Marketing and saw the great opportunity that lies in online business.  As he has a passion to help people he took up the challenge.  In April 2011 he started working on HinvestA.  In June 2011 he started work on the Internet.  While working on the business he realised that anyone who wants to start an Internet Business needs money.  However, he also found an excellent way to get started with only a computer, access to the Internet and no money down.  He learned this only after spending a lot of money on the Internet.  This was exactly what he was looking for namely to help people to get started and earn their way to the top.  It is easy for a millionaire to ask someone a $100 monthly fee and give him all the help they can without realizing that the poor member’s focus will be on the $100 a month instead of making a success of his business.  Rather teach someone to make $500 a month and then tell him that he can make thousands more from a fee of $100 a month.  On the other hand it also needs to be said that there are loads of opportunities and just as many good coaches out there. 

In the months before launch Herman took notice (also getting involved with) of people like Michael Brulez, Ryan Perenti, Richard Schefren, Chris Freville, Chris Farrel, Michael Rasmussen, Ursula Swanich, Ian Knabel, Mark Stafford, Jeff Johnson, Tom Taylor, JT Martin, Mack Michaels, Bertus Engelbrecht, Mark Austin, Charlie Page, Bruce St Clair Wicker, John Lagoudakis, Beverley Watts, Brendon Burchard, Charles Ryder, Mike Filsaime, Doc Stone and many other.  HinvestA also promotes a lot of businesses and excellent opportunities.

Let us now get started with our iGeneration Lifestyle and let us help and share.

If you want something you never had, you will have to start doing something you've never done.

Become part of HinvestA’s iGeneration Lifestyle and let us be a family of Internet Marketers helping and sharing towards a better lifestyle.

To your success,

Director Admin/Finance



HinvestA Pty Ltd

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