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My name is Don Merrill.  I am semi-retired, living with my wife Lillian in San Antonio Texas. I retired 2 years ago but I quickly found myself being quite bored.  So, I decided to start an internet marketing business because that had always interested me. I am just starting to be successful online.  My goal for the next 12 months is to help 10 other people begin making consistent money online.
My primary goal is to help people learn to grow their businesses through list building and email marketing.   You can download my free list building ebook and system. Just click on the banner. >>>
My primary business is STIFORP (Profits) which provides the marketing tools all network marketers need for < $10/month.  Just click on the banner and take a free tour. >>>


My name is Hennie le Roux and I am a full-time Internet Marketer, striving to excel and to be successful in my Affiliate Marketing career. Help of any kind is always available - just ask and you will be successful. The name of my Business is HenDen Internet Marketing where you can learn to finally make money from home.
In October 2012 I found HinvestA on the Internet and was immediately impressed by the Business Concept of co-operative marketing with multiple income streams and especially the fact that the one income stream complements the other.  I have chosen STIFORP as it is ideal to build a substantial monthly income to supplement my pension in the future.


My name is Elize and I have a full time job. I joined HinvestA when it was still only FreeHinvestA and built my own free website easily despite the fact that I was a total novice on the Internet. I have done a Nail and Beauty course which is what I would like to do when I retire. Feel free to visit my website.
I soon realised that my pension will not be enough to maintain my current lifestyle when I retire one day, let alone enjoying my retirement days. I decided to sign up with Team HinvestA in STIFORP so I can create a substantial monthly income and become financially free.


My name is Hendrik Schoultz and I am an Internet Marketer. I have been in business for some time now and my main business is Hendrik's Online Jewelry Store€. Through association on IBOToolbox I came across HinvestA.  The business concept of HinvestA and what they stand for impressed me and I signed up.
Through HinvestA I was introduced to STIFORP. I found STIFORP to be in the ideal niche market being Home Based Business providing essential tools to promote any business. I signed up and I am now a proud member of Team HinvestA in STIFORP. © 2012 Pretoria, South Africa | Disclaimer | Privacy Policy | Terms & Conditions | Contact Frontier Theme