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Congratulations on signing up with our Cyber Wealth 7 Co-Op (CW7)

If you want to know more about my fun live first CLICK HERE and watch the 3 short videos (opens in a new window)

What is meant by Co-Op?

A co-operative ("co-op") in our case is a group of members who voluntarily cooperate for their mutual benefit in CW7.

How it Works

1. All paid members are included in the Co-Op list below with the top member being in the Hot Seat.

2. All members on the list advertise an allocated URL. The URL is basically the same for all members with the exception that each member has a tracking code for the URL they use to advertise the Co-Op. This is to track the hit results of each member. All the people you invite will be directed to the same Landing Page.

3. When the visitor signs up for the Co-Op he/she will be redirected to a thank you page with instructions to sign up as a paid member of CW7. The first opt-in form is to place members on the Co-Op list to keep them posted and to give support.

4. New members will receive a welcoming email for the Co-Op as well as a welcoming email for signing up as a paid member of CW7 which will include their URL to advertise the Co-Op and directions to this page being How it Works.

IMPORTANT: New members in CW7 will be requested in the welcome email to CW7 to send me their CW7 URL. This URL must be the first one in their list of URLs (referral link) in their Back Office of CW7.

5. As soon as members have signed up and read this page they will go to their back offices in MyFunLIFE, complete the 5 steps on their Why, do the fast start training and get themselves familiar with the business. New members can also watch the videos in our Video Library.

6. As soon as members are ready (should be within the first 24 Hours after sign up “ although it can be done within the hour if you do it all) they start advertising their given URL. Members can make use of advertising opportunities on our Advertise your Business Page. You are also encouraged to share advertising opportunities in the comments that works for you. Members may also advertise their CW7 URL to speed up their own growth although we encourage you to give priority to the Co-Op. If you know people that will follow you in MyFunLIFE send them your URL to sign up in the Co-Op but give them your own MyFunLIFE URL and see if you can get 3 paid sign-ups in your first week to qualify for the $25 fast start bonus. They will then follow you in the Co-Op list starting in the top most open position. They will however need to sign up for the Co-Op.

7. The result off everyone's advertising will be tracked with our Ad Tracker and Traffic Stats Programs. To keep on qualifying to keep your position in the Co-Op list we want you to get at least 1000 hits in two weeks. In the beginning we will not be too strict with this but we would like you to do the best you can as everyone on the list will benefit. If everyone does their bit to advertise the Co-Op links no one will fall back to the bottom of the list. Hits will be updated on a weekly basis and will reset every two weeks.

8. As soon as the member in the Hot Seat gets 3 paid sign-ups or have been in the "Hot Seat" for 4 weeks (which ever comes first) this member will qualify as a Bronze member through the Co-Op and Roll Out to the bottom of the list for his/her second run. Should a member already have 3 or more members before the start of the Co-Op or through his/her own efforts he/she will qualify to Silver, Gold and so on. This will increase their matching and coded bonuses.

9. A weekly email will be sent to each member in the Co-Op to keep you posted.

10. The tables below will also be updated on a weekly basis.

Co-Op Tables of Progress:


Going for Bronze          Going for Silver          Going for Gold



A. Although you are helping people above you to get paid sign ups you must keep in mind that they will do the same for you.

B. The faster the team can push the top member out of the Hot Seat the faster each member will get 3 paid sign-ups. You might even get spillovers before you get your own sign-ups.

C. This is a team effort and if you are a team player your results will amaze you.

D. Why will this work? More and more Network Marketers realize the importance of team work. The more people there are who advertise the same Landing Page the faster the sign-ups will be coming in.

E. Always remember to be there for you members, to support them and to care for them.

Kind regards and may you all be blessed in success.



Pre-written Ads, Banner descriptions, Emails and Social media invite. TO BE EDITED

IMPORTANT: Use your AdTracker URL 




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