Friends of HinvestA – Hennie Le Roux

Friends of HinvestA Hennie Le Roux

Allow me to introduce you to Hennie Le Roux.  Hennie got involved with computers way back in the seventies when he bought his first Commadore 64. At that time Google, Facebook and Twitter was just a vision in someone's mind. It just made sense when he retired in 2008 to become an Internet Marketer which is now his passion and hobby.

Hennie met his wife Denise while he was working for a Transport Company in a small town called Slurry down in the Northern Cape. They got married in 1970 and will celebrate their 44thanniversary this year.

Being from an accounting background, Hennie tends to concentrate on applications and software. He is always on the lookout for ways to be more productive, and he freely shares all the information on his site PWH Consulting (Penny Wise Hennie Consulting).

To help pay for his hobby he also have two other WordPress Sites, One in the Home Appliances niche and another in Health. On these he collects revenue from Adsense which help to cover his costs.

By helping other people being more productive and grow their businesses Hennie creates a level of trust upon which trusting relationships are built.  And, some of those relationships become business partnerships.

We are proud to have Hennie in Team HinvestA since 30 September 2012. He constantly shares his expertise and has been of great help to the team and myself in particular. I find Hennie to be an action taker who knows what he wants and who are willing to give it his all towards success.  Apart from that Hennie is also a pleasant person to know and a great friend of mine.

I highly recommend Hennie's Consulting business PWH Consulting. You will find real gems on the site as well as a complete List Building Course.

Hennie is also a valued member in our weakly Skype Team and regularly participates in our calls. Although we are not in the same TrafficWave Team we still share valuable information with each other.

Glad to have you as a Friend and Member of HinvestA Hennie.


(Founder, Owner and Chairman)

HinvestA Pty Ltd.


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