The ParadoxCash Group of Websites

This is an opportunity to create an income for life while you are generating traffic to your websites, landing pages and sales pages. No matter what business you are in and whether you need the income or not, this can only be a huge asset to what you are already doing.

Main Website

Some of the features on the main site are a Short URL Service, Splash Pages, Banners to Advertise the Company, Your Own Banners (free Banner Advertising you can take advantage of), Pre-written Emails, Promo Sales Pages, Traffic Statistics (place code on your site and track traffic), Video Marketing, Add Your URL in their rotator and more.

  Traffic Exchange

This is advertising on steroids. The Traffic Exchange website providing amazing volumes of traffic to your site. With ...

"Over 8000 Business Seekers Inside Waiting To See Your Websites"


This is an exciting opportunity that brings advertisers and consumers together. Advertisers post text links and banners for members to view. Members get paid per click rate that is predetermined by the advertiser. Advertisers have the opportunity to advertise paying as little a one cent per click. The Slider Banner is a winner.


This is an Auction site giving you the opportunity to sell your product and getting products at preferred prices.

AList Mailer

This is the Auto-responder Service Email When And How You Want, Email Templates,  Create Multiple Auto-responders with Easy WYSIWYG,  Statistics, Reporting and Social Media sharing.  

Now .. what will all this cost you?

You can easily pay $10 per month or more for any one of the above.

But ... Get This ... 

For only $10 per month ... this is what you get ... 

Pro Membership On The Traffic Exchange!

Pro Membership On Auction Site! "No Fees Ever"

Pro Membership On Paid To Click Website!

Pro Membership On Email Marketing Auto-responder!

$5.00 A Month Per Paid Referral!

Monthly Referral Income From Paid Referrals!

50% Of Any Traffic Package Sold!

Share in Company Profits!

AND ... 

There is even more to come

Now, How is that for a Great Deal!

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