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With Lifestyle at HinvestA we intent to help you to improve your Lifestyle by utilizing the information materials we provide.  We also provide you with the opportunity to become a Lifestyle Coach through New Insights or you may choose any company you feel comfortable with.  We are not compensated for this referral, but you are free to click on the banner above to visit their site.

If you went through this website from the start you are most probably quite excited about one or the other and maybe everything you saw.   In the beginning we spoke about starting.   Part of the name HinvestA indicates investing.   This is however, not so much investing in riches as it is in Investing in People and therefore in Life.   The H in HinvestA indicates our holistic approach and the A stands for Alfa and in our case Just Begin.  So, let's talk, share and learn about the good things in life. Funny how the bad things are so sensational but, believe it or not, the good thing can be equally and even more sensational.  Let us stick to good principles, let us be healthy and let us get organized and let's enjoy life!!!

Have you ever been asked what you really want from life?  Are you also one of the majority of people who would say (being honest):  I really don't know? Think about it and, now that you know, share your views with us on our Lifestyle Blog and at HinvestALife. See how you can improve your Lifestyle just by being involved and sharing.

Internet Lifestyle

What is the Internet Lifestyle or as we call it at HinvestA the iGeneration Lifestyle? First and foremost it is important to realize that the Internet cannot take the place of exercising, spending time with your family, your daily obligations in and around your house, and attending church, getaways and so on.

At HinvestA we try our best to make your Home Based Business an enjoyable Lifestyle on the Internet. So, let us take a look at the Complete Lifestyle for the Internet Generation as presented by HinvestA.

1. Scripture “ Page Title Scripture at HinvestA:

Every time you visit the site a different verse form the Word will appear.  Here you might just find a Word of encouragement, comfort, guidance and more.  We also offer products at the lowest prices allowed according to resell rights.

2. Earning Your Income from Home

A. Earn Page Title Network Marketing at HinvestA:

On this page we tell you how you can start earning money with once-off payments $2 and $4. In fact; if you can get a lot of people involved you can earn quite a substantial amount of money with these opportunities. We give you some tips on what to look for when you choose a Network Marketing Business and information on those that we highly recommend.

B. Opportunity "Opportunity Rocks at HinvestA “ Page Title Affiliate Marketing:

On this page we discuss the term Affiliate Marketing and give you more detail on the three main opportunities we are involved in being Cyber Wealth 7, STIFORP and TrafficWave. We have chosen Cyber Wealth 7 as our MLM opportunity. STIFORP was chosen because it provides the exact same tools professionals use to promote their businesses and acts as a second main stream of income. As every business needs an Auto-responder Service we have chosen TrafficWave which provides a referral program with which you can create a 5 figure income and a third solid stream of income.

C. Marketplace Page Title Products at HinvestA:

This is the marketplace of HinvestA where we promote products and also sell products with resell rights. The Marketplace will constantly improve to provide value to visitors and members alike.

D. Business Registration Page Title Business at HinvestA:

We offer the opportunity to register your business through a registered and professional business registration company. As every country has its own laws on Business Registration we only promote a registration company for business registration in South Africa. We also elaborate on the topic of creating multiple income streams.

E. Tools Page Title Business Tools:

On this page we present an opportunity to you to have professional tools to promote your Business - all under one roof.

F. Lifestyle “ Page Title Lifestyle at HinvestA:

This is your current page where we offer access to a Lifestyle Coaching program.

G. Website: Page Title Easy Websites Building:

On this page we give you access to instructions to get a free domain and build a free website. The website builder and host we use have no equal.

F. Advertising. Horizontal Link Titled Advertise Your Business: On this page we inform you of the advertising opportunities we make use of. The more you advertising, the more exposure you get to your opportunity, product and service.

There are so many ways and methods of earning a living on the Internet. Just in summary; you can sell products, get involved in MLM opportunities, expand your business earning from the Tools you use to professionally promote your business, earn more by utilizing services that pay them, use advertising opportunities you can earn from, do domain flipping, affiliate marketing, selling real estate and so much more.

3. Socializing. I am sure I do not have to go into this one much as well. Everyone using the Internet knows about social media which might be the biggest magnet to the internet.

4. Networking. In close relation to socializing we have networking. Being part of these networking companies helps you to improve yourself and to get yourself noticed on the Internet.

5. Videos. Very interesting, entertaining and informative videos are posted on numerous platforms. IBOToolbox management recently opened IBOtube.

6. Entertainment. As for entertainment there certainly is no shortage. Movies, Games and a load of other applications are available.

7. For both work and entertainment there are Calls, Video-phone, SMS, Messaging, Video-email, Web-conference, Web-presentation, Website builders, Music, Online Voice Recording, and a whole lot more.

8. Shopping. To some this might be entertainment but to others it is work. There is certainly no shortage of shopping opportunities on the internet.

At HinvestA one of our aims is to provide enough information for the complete lifestyle of the Internet generation. © 2012 Pretoria, South Africa | Disclaimer | Privacy Policy | Terms & Conditions | Contact Frontier Theme