HinvestA Promotions


HinvestA promotes and sells products of value to visitors to our website.

The products that we promote are mostly products available through Clickbank and include digital products like e-books, software, and videos.

The prices of these products are not indicated on this website itself as vendors might change their prices from time to time for promotional and other reasons.

The rest of our products are offered to you at the best possible prices.

Some of these prices are so low, you will have to go far to beat them.

The Product Sections of is divided into two Categories:

1.      Public Store:   This part of the website (also called the front end) is accessible to visitors and members alike and contains promotional products as well as products sold by HinvestA (these products are sorted according to the labels in the main menu).

Some of the promotional products can generate recurring commission/income.

2.      Member Store:   This part of the website (also called the back end) is accessible only to members of HinvestA and contains:

Products sold by HinvestA at even lower prices than the prices mentioned above.

Reseller products with reseller rights (RR, PLR and MRR).

Products that can generate recurring commission.

Free products.

(Important to note that this part [2] of the website is a free membership site)

(Planning is in progress for an affiliate program and that part of the website will be a paid membership site)



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