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Choosing the right Network Marketing Company to work with can be quite challenging when you are new to this kind of business.  Most people starting off with Network Marketing Companies do so because they want to earn extra money what is commonly called residual income.  To begin with, most of these people do not have the funds to start off with in the first place.

That is why HinvestA presents opportunities to people to earn cash and earn enough money online to get involved with the opportunities we present. To help our members to make some cash online we have chosen quite a few opportunities. You can earn money by promoting and Advertizing your Business, but the main opportunities we present to our members to earn money are our 2 low cost opportunities.

The 2 opportunities are:

1. ParaDoxCash.



2. Magic Dollar


By the way you can start building a list with the above low cost opportunities. This is your chance to earn some money online to join us in our Opportunities.  In selecting our Opportunities the most important questions we asked ourselves were:

1. Is it a reliable company?

2. Do they have a viable system?

3. Do they provide a product or service of value?

4. Are the levels in there system limited and/or recurring?

5. Is it affordable?

6. Are the payments once off or recurring?

a. If once off, what is their potential for growth and we call them Networking Businesses for the purpose of this site.

b. If recurring payments takes place, do they have a product or service that at least matches the fees and we call them Affiliates.

7. The businesses on this website answered to all or at least most of the important question we asked.   We will keep an eye out, but we can assure you that a lot of people are already making good money on these networks.


How do I find a Network Marketing Business that Works?

Author: Herman van Niekerk (Founder, Owner and Chairman of HinvestA)

This article was posted by me (owner of this site) on IBOToolbox.

To find a Network Marketing Business that really works can be a daunting task. So many people search for businesses which not only have the tools to operate the business on the Internet, but also have the flexibility to be innovative.  My suggestion is that you find a business online with a program or system that is offering:

1. An affordable product that is globally useful and in demand.

2. A proven systems to automate income.

3. The option to use the tools provided with any business you might already be in.

4. Regular payouts at least twice a week and not only monthly.

5. Exposure like being written about in major publications.

6. Popularity like being voted Most Exciting Home Business in the World.

7. Free access where you can sign up for free to see what the program is all about.

8. Enough access to observe real time movement and visibility of success.

9.   Worldwide accessibility.

10. The ability to learn about how their system works.

11. The choice to work part-time, spare-time, or full-time at your own convenience.

12. The opportunity to earn a monthly income for life.

How long do you think it is going to take you to find such a company?

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