News flashes will be posted on this page as we are only sending out the HinvestA Weekly Runner once a week.  We do not want to clutter your emails every day and especially not 2 to 3 times a day.  Ensure that you visit this spot at least once every day of the week to see if there are anything you will want to take note off. 


18 January 2012  Incorporation

HinvestA Pty Ltd is now a legally registered company. 


22 February 2012  HinvestA Goes Live

We are happy and excited to announce that HinvestA  iGeneration Lifestyle Family is online.  We will be testing our systems until the end of March 2012.  During April we will go through a refinement period and we will start advertising in May 2012.




22 February 2012 First Member

Our first member signed on with HinvestA.

Congratulations!!!  You know who you are. 

Let us now see who will be the first newcomer to build his/her own website.




2-9 March 2012 Feedback From Internet Professionals 

Receive positive and constructive feedback from renowned Internet Marketers.  Thanks you people, this is just what we needed after all the hard work.

To Your Success,




19 April 2012  Step into the Fear

Now who is going to be the first member of HinvestA to step into the fear and built his/her own website?




25 April 2012 - WE ARE READY

Comment Forms - The comment forms we had on our main pages were removed as it left the impression that our website is a Blog.  Our Blogspots can be visited here:

Lifestyle Blog  and  Business Blog

Training - We have just finished HinvestA Training Site.  We will use this site to add to the training contained in the emails you receive.  Feel free to contact us with training suggestions by using the Contact Us form on the HinvestA Training Site.

Start sharing with friends from now on.  We are going to put in a huge traffic generation effort during May.  You do not want to stay behind.

Expecting the news about the first website soon.

To Your Success,





30 April 2012 - FIRST WEBSITE

First Website!!!  Congratulations to Elize who is our first member to have her own business online without paying a dime.  Your gift for your achievement is on its way.  Check your mail.  You can visit the website at  Now who will be NEXT!!!

HinvestA Weekly Runner  Members who have not signed up to receive our newsletter are missing out on amazing bargains and more free gifts.  Signing up for the Runner is free.  Members who signed up for the Runner but not with HinvestA are also missing out on the full benefits of HinvestA Membership (go to Members [top menu] >> Login or Register >> Sign up here).  It is Free!!!

Emails From HinvestA  Accept for important notification emails, you will only receive one email per week (being the Runner) from HinvestA.  We do not intend to clutter your inbox.

Articles  Below the opt-in form on the main pages of the website you will find links to our niche article page (Niche Articles Content).

Traffic  As we are fully ready now, the month of May will be our advertising month.  We intend to pull out all the stops in advertising HinvestA.  Please help us to increase the family members of HinvestA iGeneration Lifestyle Family.  Being able to sell products to Customers and Members alike will help us to help you even more in the future.  Tell a friend as things are going to get more and more exiting as we go on.

HinvestA Life Our article website was published on 27 April 2012.  You can visit the site at  Enjoy your visit.  

To your success,






We just stumbled upon this awesome opportunity.

At HinvestA we call it the Never Ending Income Opportunity.

Just look at our results:

Lifestyle Shop

and My Other Shops in the right sidebar

We are always skeptic when we are told only X amount available.

But, if these guys decide to take it off the shelves, the price will surely rise.

Just have a look at this DEMO.

Until next time.


You are today where your thoughts brought you,

you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you.

-      James Allen.



31 May 2012 STEADY AS YOU GO!!!

Yes my words exactly.  Just like a pilot maneuvering a ship out of the harbor HinvestA is fully laden and moving out.  We are ready to concur.   Port by port we will visit the world.  People will know who HinvestA is and that we are really helping people and sharing with businesses on the Internet.  Through us more and more businesses will profit and more and more people will become part of the iGeneration Lifestyle Family.  We are excited about the future and proud of those who are already part of the family and with what they have achieved so far.

To Your Continued Success.

The Chairman

Members' Websites  ZinvestE are online already and we expect more to be completed soon.  Please visit these sites to support your fellow members even if it is just a visit.  Congratulations to these members and well done.

Additional Training  Remember that we have a Training Site where we answer questions from members only.

HinvestA Shops - The following HinvestA Shops just opened:

Lifestyle shop

Opportunity Shop

Best Sellers

Books of the month

Baseball at HinvestA

Christian Books

Forex at HinvestA

Dogs at HinvestA

Vitamins at HinvestA

Art at HinvestA

You can visit them HERE  (Visit one site and find the links to the rest in the right sidebar under Related Shops.

If you would like to have your own just click HERE.

No domain or hosting account required.

You pay once and make as many as you want.








The moment we have been waiting for has arrived.

Our Travel Page is finally active.

If ever you've seen a WOW opportunity this is it.

Just visit our Travel Page and view the video's.

This is your chance to travel the world and earn real residual income.

We wanted just the best for you and we found it.

See you on the inside.

Make your dreams come true!!!




3 August 2012 - Collectively Towards Success

Hi Everybody,

It has been a while sins we communicated with you.

Forgive us for that. 

As you might have seen in your newsletters and on site, we have been very busy lately.

Quick Announcement


This looks like it is going to be massive!

It looks by far like the biggest pre-launch of 2012.

And our timing is PERFECT!

A program that will create an income for LIFE!

Do not delay on this one.

Join now and start pre-building your team before launch!

Click the link below and secure your Founder position NOW.

PS:  The advertising industry is huge!  Internet Ad Revenues Hit $32 Billion in 2011, Historic High Up 22% Over 2010 Record-Breaking Numbers.  Get Your Slice NOW!!!


HinvestA might not be ranked that high in search engines yet, but as they say; You eat a pizza from the side and not from the top.  From 11 July to 31 July our visits are 16 times higher and our unique visits have increased 14 fold.  Page Visits are sometimes as high as 11 plus on average.  Our bounce rate is still too high but we will pay attention to that.  Our score on Active Search Results is 25 out of 27 (don't want to put too many toolbars up).


Our site was evaluated by Jayde and we scored 85% (before rectifying shortcomings 80% is very good) and HinvestALife scored 100%.

Access to Products

Members should please take note that more links to products are published in the newsletter and you have to login to get access to those products. This measure was planned from the start to ensure that Members Only products are protected as such.

So, if you want access to the products linked in the newsletter, be sure to sign up with HinvestA from the Members page for those who have not done so yet. It is free.  You will not get any additional email other than a reminder once or twice a month to draw your attention to something new on site.  We would rather prefer that you visit HinvestA >> News regularly to stay up to date.


Feel free to contact us via email (as a few members have already done and we thank them for their input) to make suggestions and even just to chat.  The participation of, especially members, will seriously go towards the greater good of all.


We are currently busy with a research project.

The aim of the project is to help people who are willing to work, but find themselves in serious financial need.  As for the name of the project, it will be discussed with members and friends before announcement.  One of the project requirements is to find out how many friends each of us have on Facebook (as an interim start).  You have to participate out of your own free will, but if this comes of, it will be huge.  Therefore we need those who are interested in finding out more, to send us your totals using one of the contact forms at the bottom of the main pages of this website.  We promise to keep your information confidential.  By using the contact forms on the website we will be able to communicate with you confidentially.  Those who want to can even post their totals on our Facebook Timeline Page at . 

Just a little inside info; we might be able to enable 8 people to earn a monthly income in excess of R12 000 in a very short period of time and to top it all, those who participate will be well on their way to do the same.  We know that you will have a lot of questions, but we ask for your patients.  Everything will be revealed before launch and we will do nothing without your consent.  Participation is voluntary.

So, let the games begin!  (Send us your Totals - Mine is Posted).


Lastly our membership is on the increase and we ask our members to spread the word about HinvestA.  You may use the following to invite people to become members of HinvestA:

Subject Line:  Make Money From Home


Sign up to our FREE newsletter and receive your own Home Business E-Cource.

Sign up as a free lifetime member and get 130+ EBooks FREE!!!

Build your own website FREE and easy!!!

Just visit

See you on the inside.

Your Signature

The more members we are, the sooner we will go for Gold.

Take Care.




18 August 2012 - Breaking News Zeekler Closedown?

From the Chairman's Desk:

At this stage, I certainly do not have all the answers but I am not concerned.  Many other MLM companies have weathered this kind of investigation e.g. Amway and Herbalife.  The product was deactivated on HinvestA,s website on 17 Aug 2012 (SAST).

Please take note that it was deactivated and not removed.  None of the members of HinvestA was involved in Zeekler as members of HinvestA except me.  What I've earned through Zeekrewards paid for HinvestA in the early days of establishment.  I also have not lost any money.  Here is the latest information available to me:

"Attorney General confirms demand for Zeek records

By Nash Dunn
The Dispatch
Published: Friday, August 17, 2012 at 11:24 a.m.
Last Modified: Friday, August 17, 2012 at 11:24 a.m.

The North Carolina Attorney General's office confirmed Friday that it has made a civil demand for Rex Venture Group's documents. However, officials say they have not shut the company down.

Rex Venture Group, known to most as Zeek, unexpectedly closed its headquarters in Lexington on Thursday afternoon, sending hundreds of thousands of its online users spinning in speculation and confusion. Zeek also announced online it was cancelling an upcoming "Red Carpet" event scheduled for Wednesday, in addition to training, recruitment and leadership calls for its users in the "next few days."

The company's penny auction website,, and affiliates website,, have been offline since about 9 p.m. Thursday.

The Attorney General's office confirmed its Consumer Protection Division issued a Civil Investigative Demand to the company July 6, requesting that Zeek provide specific documents to the state, said Noelle Talley, the Attorney General's public information officer.

"We have not taken action to shut the company down and are currently working to get more information so we can pass that along to consumers who may be impacted by this," Talley said.

According to N.C. General Statutes, a CID is an administrative subpoena that can be issued by the Attorney General whenever there is reason to believe a person, or entity, has information that is relevant to an ongoing investigation.

Paul Burks, the chief executive officer for Rex Venture Group, has yet to respond to multiple phone calls and emails.

However, Dr. Clifton Jolley, Zeek's media representative, confirmed the company was served a CID, but he would not disclose why Zeek shut its doors voluntarily.

Both and Zeek Rewards have recently come under the scrutiny of the Attorney General's office, after dozens of users filed complaints and inquiries in the past six months. The company, which is rooted in its penny auction website, has expanded in the past year to let users buy in through an "affiliates program." Some say the company is a good way to make a little more cash while others condemn it as the makings of a pyramid or Ponzi scheme.

After Zeek shut its doors Thursday, thousands of people went to Internet forums and comment fields, expressing concern about the company's fate. Dozens of users also visited the business Thursday, only to find locked doors and speculation of why, and how long, it will be closed.

Supporters started an online petition backing Zeek."

STIFORP is Going Strong

More and more people see the value of getting involved with STIFORP.

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Articles:  New post; Article Requirements at

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Advertise Your Business:  A full page of advertising opportunities at (or go to Business >> Advertise Your Business).

New Blog:  Go to Our Blogspots >> Toolbox.


Our team is growing and we are proud of you all.

Collectively Towards Success!!!



4 September 2012 - HinvestA On The Roll

Visitors to HinvestA

Our efforts to advertise HinvestA are slowly but surely paying off.  The fact that we are dominating the first pages of Google is a great plus.  On the 17th of August our unique visits were 26 and our total visit 67.  On the 30th of August our unique visits were 923 and our total visits 2485.  Our highest Page/Visits was 14 plus at one stage with the help of AYBN (AdvertiseYourBusinessNow).


Congratulations again to all our new members for becoming a part of HinvestA iGeneration Lifestyle Family.  Our membership is constantly increasing and as a result we are looking at Broadcasting for our once or twice a month notices that we have been sending out to our members.  Sending personal emails to a lot of members is extremely time-consuming.  Sure you will understand.


Our membership in STIFORP is increasing fast.  Last week-end alone 8 members pre-enrolled.  So be sure to secure your top spot as we are on the roll.  STIFORP really stood the test of time.  Where other businesses folded or simply faded away, STIFORP is still going strong.  The fact that STIFORP is still being advertised all over the Internet and their regular emails and webinars is proof of this.

You can use STIFORP for any Home Based Business.  You get your own replicator website with all the tools you need.  You also get professionally designed lead capture pages, a flash video (important for rankings), a video presentation and more.  This is available in the main languages spoken around the world.

With STIFORP you only need to spread the word and be patient.  Email your links to friends and family and advertise using our suggestions at Advertise Your Business on the Business Page of HinvestA.  Tell your prospect to take a free tour so they are able to get an insider's view of STIFORP and secure their position as high as possible.  The system automatically sends them follow-up email and you are also able to contact them.  Since we signed on with STIFORP 52 251 paid members signed on below us in the network and 792 382 pre-enrolled.  This means you might get your first payment of $4 depending on how soon you sign up.   This is excluding the $25 you get for each personal referral.  Remember that your sign-up fee includes your fee for the first month.

I made a calculation as an experiment:

Say it takes you two years to fill 12 of a possible 14 levels (it definitely souldn't take this long).  By then your investment will amount to $278.80 spread over 2 years.  Then you will be earning $2047.50 per month continuously.  This amount excludes what you have earned getting there as well as the sign-up bonuses.  Now email me and tell me this is not a good investment.  Where can you possibly get this ROI (return on investment).  80% of people out there join businesses not even close to this one to get rich overnight.  May I share a secret with you; Getting rich quick are only for those with lists of people that amount to hundreds of thousands.  If you want to make money online and in networking you have to be patient.  Robert Kyosaki had loads of experience and he said that those who are successful have been at it for at least a year of two.  This is your chance to invest in your future.  The choice is yours.


In less than a month since we joined IBOToolbox, their daily visits have climbed from 150 000 plus to over 250 000, and it is fast becoming our main traffic generator to HinvestA.  It is free and easy to use with excellent video tutorials to help you to either start your own business without a domain and hosting or to generate traffic to your website or sell your own products.  No levels, no networking!!  Use this platform to build your business.  Besides being the fastest growing business network for Independent Business Owners, this platform is a collection of amazing tools that are designed to get your business the exposure it needs!  Just click on the link below.

Travel Opprtunity

This is a business in a multi-billion dollar industry with very little competition if any.  The product is a holiday packages deal that most people can afford plus further benefit when it comes to ad hoc vacations and travel bookings.  Their system of Get 4 and Pay No More is excellent and really something to go for.


No online business can do without an auto-responder.  Not only is TrafficWave amongst the best out there, but you can earn a 5 figure income by just referring new paying clients or customers.  They also have excellent tutorials so even a total newbie will know how to get started and use the system to its fullest extent.


You can find the link to this advertising business on the Home Page and Affiliate Page.  You may know that the advertising industry is growing at an alarming rate.  They are almost at 5 000 paid members and the first 5 000 gets further benefits.  At only $2 for lifetime membership it is really worth getting a foot in the door.  We have already uploaded about 10 banners for free and the video uploads are coming soon if not available at release of this news letter.

The Road Ahead

HinvestA has a concept that was planned in April 2011 that is just amazing.  To implement this concept our goal is to first get people to be successful with what we have on offer at this stage.  There might be more offers coming but we do not want to stack the hay.  We do what is manageable.  Directors will also be appointed and will be those who are the most successful in current opportunities.  Only 6 Directors will be appointed.  Those with any internet marketing experience will see something in this.  As for the rest; It will only be announced when the time is right and at first to the directors and then existing members.  I'm patient, are you?  Are you willing to walk this road with me?  Then let us go for gold!!

Random Special 

We've just launched a new product which is in the Members Area >> Advertising >> Random Special.

New Blog

Be sure to visit our new blog under Our Blogspots called Our Complete Toolbox.

Foot Note: We do not expect our members to get involved in all our opportunities.  Do what you feel compfortable with.  Remember; You eat a pizza from the side and not from the top.

Collectively Towards Success.





15 October 2012  HinvestA News Release

Word from the Chairman

Hi Everyone,

By now you might have asked What's News?.  Well, let me tell you, the news is great. Since August 2012 our unique visits have reached a high of 1503 as to 923 on the 30th of August and our visit went up from 2485 to 4019.  Our bounce rate went down from over 80% to 17%.  Everything dropped a bit since the changes Google made but we are still 10 out of 10 on page one, and 9 out of 10 on pages two and three and also occupy position one to four on page four.  I'm hard at work advertising HinvestA and would appreciate any help I can get from our members spreading the word after reading this news release.

I'm really proud of the members of HinvestA.

New Additions to HinvestA


We have published a separate page to indicate the advertising companies we make use of.  The best of these, so far, are AYBN (Doc Stone makes use of a four way rotator system and it works great), Safe Mail Services (you send email safely to over 3,2 million recipients daily that is over 90 million per month). Then we have TopTierMailer, Viral Nugget, WebBizInsider, AdsThatWork and so on.  You can view these at

Furthermore we present you with the opportunity to invest in the advertising industry.  The growth of this industry showed a record high up on 2010 of 22% in 2011.  The company we refer to started off with a one-time investment of $2 until they reached 5 000 members in just a short time.  You can become a lifetime member for only $4 and never need to pay again. When they reach 10 000 members the founder membership price will go up to $6.  They will only launch when they reach 30 000 members. Now that is a huge advertising opportunity.  You can already advertise from the moment you become a member.  For more detail go to

Then we have also created a banner ad page.  Members who are involved in opportunities presented by HinvestA may request for their banner URLs to be included on this page which already show up on search engines.   Just do a Google Search with Banner Ads at HinvestA  and you will see.  You can view the page at Business >> Banner Ads or at

Article Marketing

We are also involved in Article Marketing which is absolutely amazing.  We are making use of an exciting platform and it is free.  We are also going to have Article Pages on HinvestA.  The concept already started with Niche Articles on the Networks Page but will be refined in the near future.  This will be of great use to members regarding information and also to HinvestA as information draws visitors.

We want to urge members to visit our releases as to Who or What is HinvestA Part 1 to 3 starting with Part 1 at

It will also be good to see more of our members participate in this free platform.  We are already connected to some of you and it is good to have you there.  We can even chat as we pass through.  Follow the link above to view all the releases we've posted up to now.


There is one opportunity that we are not allowed to advertise that looks quite promising.  As you are only allowed to sign up people in person, those residing in South Africa are more that welcome to contact us.  You have our Email address or simply complete a Contact Us form.  Important: Please do not enter any html or any link in the Contact Us form as it will be discarded.

Congratulation to all those who become members of HinvestA, signed up for HinvestA Weekly Runner and got involved in opportunities such as STIFORP, TrafficWave and all the other opportunities HinvestA presents.  Our STIFORP pre-enrollees are urged to sign up as soon as possible to ensure your top spot as we are really on the move with this opportunity.  Members that came after you already signed up.  Also remember to attend the bi-weekly STIFORP webinars.

Those of you who watched the MyFunLife videos rest assure that support is only an email away and you also have our Skype address.  Just send an email with the date and time and we will make a plan.  If you are a member and do not have our Skype address, feel free to ask.

Is HinvestA Making Money?

This is the first question everyone asks when invited to HinvestA.  The answer to that is a simple Yes.  But, believe it or not, we will have greater pleasure in seeing you make money.  Nothing will be more rewarding to us than to see our members succeed.  That is our Vision and that is why we are here.


As you know by now, we are not in the habit of cluttering members' inboxes.  You are more than welcome to contact us at any time.  There is no shame in asking.  Just look at where HinvestA is today and believe us, we did not know it all.  Now we are is a position to share what we know with our members.  It is always nice to hear from members even if it is just to say hello.  Our membership totals are increasing week by week.  We are excited for the members currently building their own websites and for those who got involved with the opportunities.  Remember people: Those who persevere will succeed.

Let us collective strive for success,





13 November 2012 - Plain Sailing


Hi Everyone,

Exciting times!  HinvestA is now finally organized, finally free.

We are making money on the Internet and so do those following us.

Some improvements were made to the website. We got rid of everything that does not work and the good news is that none of our members were affected in any way.

Rankings.  Our rankings on Alexa have improved from over 3 million to 2,021,942 in just fewer than 3 months.  Not bad for a site that was published without a big launch. We are constantly working on search engine optimization and we ask you to visit the site at least every time you receive your weekly newsletter.

Email.  As promised we are not cluttering your inboxes with email so be sure to read the news often to see if there are something important to take note of.


STIFORP.  This program is growing at an alarming pace so let us not fall behind other teams. As I have been advertising HinvestA day in and day out, I noticed that this business is just getting more and more exposure.  STIFORP is seriously an excellent investment.

TrafficWave.  Our TrafficWave team is also growing fast as more people realize the value of auto-responders for their businesses.  What is even more attractive about this business is their Power of One program. Brian Rooney is doing an excellent job with this business.  This is also a great opportunity to grow a substantial 5 figure recurring income.

MyFunLife.  Our lead capture pages gets visits of over 40 per day and people as far as Canada and the Netherlands are regularly watching the videos.  Soon this exciting opportunity will also take off. This remains an amazing Travel opportunity.

Advertising Industry.  We have a huge opportunity with which you can get your foot in the door of the advertising industry for just a very small investment.  Become a founder member and never pay again while advertising your business and/or products. Share in company profits after launch for life.  Advertising is part and parcel of our business concept.

Business Concept.  Now that all the testing is over we finalized our Business Concept and published on 12 November 2012. The concept does not include future planning as that will only be announced when the time is right and funds are available for implementation.  Future planning will not change the current concept.

New Pages.  Please take note that we added the following new pages to the site:

You Yourself Incorporated2 (Lifestyle Page)

Banner Ads at HinvestA (Business Page)

Advertise Your Business (Business Page)

Business Concept (Link on Home Page just below the introduction)

Advertising Industry (Business Page)

Power on One (Networks Page)

New Members.  We also welcome the new members who signed up with HinvestA; the latest being Anthuwin (RSA - Western Cape) and Betty (USA). I've sent your personal welcoming emails.

The time is right for us to take HinvestA to new heights.  With all the free information at HinvestA there is no reason for members not to empower themselves towards success.

Fresh from the press.  Just for a little excitement; let's play MagicDallo.

Jump in fast at

I would like to hear from our members, so feel free to Contact Us.


Regards and Blessings



PS: We've just released our first video at

Thanks you for having read our newsletter - here is your free gift.

Just Right Click on the image below and "Save As' on your computer.

Mind and Memory Mastery



31 December 2012 - HinvestA 2012 and the Way Forward

The year 2012 has come to an end and it is not the end of the world yet. Hope you did not stop working your dreams because of the wrong interpretation of the Mayan calendar.  That said on a lighter not.  To get a little more serious let me take you through 2012:

18 January 2012: Incorporation of HinvestA Pty, Ltd.

22 February 2012: HinvestA published on the Internet.


Our membership has increased well and we are very pleased with that, but it is by far not what we expected and any suggestions to this effect will be welcomed.


Since February it was an uphill battle to get HinvestA noticed on the Internet. Since we started off we covered and are still doing so, the first few pages on a Google Search for the word HinvestA.  This is mainly due to the uniqueness of our name.  We managed to get our SE rankings to drop below the 2 million mark, but due the changes Google implemented we went over the mark again.

We are constantly working to improve that. It will however be of tremendous help if our members visit HinvestA on a more regular basis. I'm sure once a week is not too much to ask bearing in mind that we offer free membership.  If every member visits HinvestA daily, our rankings will rocket to say the least.

The systems that was of great help is listed at

Our involvement with IBOToolbox (also on the list) was of great help to improve our visibility, credibility and membership.

Business Concept

Our business concept is now finalized and we have also compiled a video where interested parties are invited to Request for Information. The video can be viewed at

We will not deviate from this concept.  The only additions and/or revisions that will be made will be with advertising as this is an ongoing function of management.

We will also pay more attention to social media to improve our visibility.

We have opened a Member's Discussion Room in the Member's Area of HinvestA.

Our product sales also did well since August.

Word of Thanks

I am also making use of this opportunity to express my gratitude to all members who have remained loyal to HinvestA.  When I say all, it is exactly what I mean. Since we published in February only one member opted out and I guess he was just after the free products by the looks of it. This in itself is a great achievement. Thank you for your loyalty it is much appreciated. To my wife Elize my greatest thanks for putting up with me being glued to my computer I love you.

The Way Forward

I want to start off by wishes you and especially our members an abundance of faith, love, hope and prosperity for 2013.  May 2013 be the best year of your life.

At HinvestA we are pushing forward to increase our membership as well as the involvement of members in HinvestA. Lately those who sign up with us are getting involved in one or more programs immediately.  That is where the power of teamwork comes in.  With HinvestA you know who we are and how to contact us.

We are thinking of expanding discussion rooms to a discussion room for Network Marketing (low cost opportunities which is a great way to build a list), STIFORP, TrafficWave, World Ventures, Business and Lifestyle.

During 2013 our main focus will be on what we offer at HinvestA. We will also increase our effort in product sale but that will come second to member support.

I am also busy to improve our article submission of HinvestA and will go further after that to submit articles as widely as possible.

I am really excited about the New Year and I am also looking forward to increased member involvement.  Let us now team up towards excellence.  If you are not involved already; just think about how high you could've been in our STIFORP and TrafficWave networks.  At HinvestA it is now safe to discard probabilities and look at the possibilities.  I am going to take HinvestA to new height and I would so much want all our members to be part of it. My reward is not money, but people who are happy and don't need to worry about money.


To Your Success in 2013

The Chairman




22 February 2013 - Goal Accomplished - First Anniversary of HinvestA


Word from the Chairman:


This is a most exciting day for me. After I completed my planning for HinvestA in May 2011 having started in April 2011 I had certain goals. One of my goals was for HinvesA to have everything needed to help people start their own online businesses in place by April 2013.

It is with great pleasure, fulfillments and especially gratitude that I can announce that this goal has already been achieved.  From the start of the business and more specific when FreeHinvestA was published in Aug 2011the business concept entailed the following: create cash, free website and promotion of affiliate products, auto-responder service, home based business tools, business, lifestyle and travel.  I am happy to say that the opportunities we are involved in are tried and tested and they really work.

The time has now come for those members who are not involved in our opportunities yet, to seriously think about positioning themselves for the future.  The more successful HinvestA become the better the reality of our final step.

This week we have completed the Discussion Rooms for Low Cost Opportunities, Stiforp, TrafficWave, Dreamtrips and General Aspects. Members can now take part in discussions without receiving additional mail. Discussions are already taking place and I invite all members to take part and let us strengthen our ties as Team HinvestA.

As I've mentioned already, I would like all of our members to get involve in opportunities that they can afford. The idea is for you to create cash and then move on to the next opportunity. Here are some options:

Option 1: Get your free domain and free hosting and use the easy to follow instructions to build your own website and start selling affiliate products.  Use some of the money you earn to earn more cash with the low cost opportunities. By doing this you will already start building a list.

Option 2: This option is the same as option 1 but add our auto-responder service to build and manage your list and start with email marketing.

Option 3: Get your Home Business tools as your main business or to promote your existing business.

Option 4: This option can run along with options 1 to 3 where you promote your auto-responder service and/or Home Business tools and create your substantial monthly income.

Option 5: This option can either be the culmination of your efforts through options 1to 4 or the start if you do not want to do any or all of options 1to 4. In this option you become a member of World Ventures and live life living.

Option 6: This option can be followed on its own to create cash but definitely runs simultaneously with options 1 to 5.  This option entails advertising.

Option 7: Selling information products, your own products and software.

This is as easy as it is with HinvestA the Safest Home Based Business on the Internet. All you need to do is to decide what you would like to start with and just do it.

The great news and surprise for today is that we have opened an Articles Library at HinvestA. Not only will the Library contain links to HinvestA's own articles, but also that of our members and friends on the Internet. The Library will grow as time goes on and will be an excellent source of information for any Home Based Business Owner. The link to the Library is posted below all the sidebar opt-in forms on the main pages of HinvestA. Or, you can go directly to

In closing I want to thank all the members of HinvestA for your loyalty and congratulations to all our achievers. I am proud of you all and I wish you the best year of your life. May your dreams come true and may you be blessed in success.

Collectively Towards Success,






30 April 2013 HinvestA Latest News Flash

It has been a while since I have posted the latest news on HinvestA. We have been very busy giving support to members and promoting our opportunities. The nice thing about HinvestA is that it is free to become a member. You are receiving a newsletter of value with links to free products that can help you in any business on the Internet. Apart from that you get more than enough free information in the members' area to decide what you would like to do or to take your existing business to the next level.

By now you would've realized that we only promote opportunities that we are personally involved with and these opportunities are essential services for any business on the internet. It is never too late to join us in these opportunities. Here are the links to our main opportunities for easy access.

1. Home Business Tools with the potential of earning a sustainable monthly income of $2 000 to $5 000 per month at Home Business Tools.

2. Auto-responder Service with the potential of building yourself a handsome five figure income atPower of One.

3. Travel income opportunity in one of the fastest growing industries at Travel

4.  We also make use of advertising opportunities that really work and that you can earn from atAdvertise Your Business.

Improvements to HinvestA

To improve our service to members and interested parties we have done the following:

1.  We now have the article library called Article Library at HinvestA where members and visitors can find information about almost anything on Business on the Internet. The library are still being optimizing but are already visited by many and is called Article Library at HinvestA

2.  Then we have a special page for top achievers and in fact for anyone involved in one or more of our opportunities at Banner Ads at HinvestA Members

3.  We also have a Banner Ad page where we do banner advertising which is also available to members involved in opportunities called Banner Ads at HinvestA

4.  To promote Team HinvestA (main purpose of HinvestA) and to improve teamwork we have done the following:

a.  The Business Concept of HinvestA

b.  Video called Word from the Chairman

c.  Request for Information HinvestA (also ideal if you lost track of what we are doing)

d.  Promote HinvestA

e.  E-Entrepreneur Success Mindset

f.   Human Will

g.  Bloging

h.  Low Cost Opportunities

During the course of the last 8 months we found that people find HinvestA attractive, join us and then follow in our opportunities. We also found that people join us in our opportunities and then sign up with HinvestA to learn more about business on the Internet in general.

It is at HinvestA that we team up towards excellence and that is why we started with Group Calls on Skype and we are in the process on getting ready for webinars.

Those who have been members of HinvestA would've noticed already that we do not jump around between opportunities.  We found at an early stage that people sign up with an opportunity, make some money and as soon as it looks like work, they jump to the next opportunity and forget about those who followed them in the first place.  At HinvestA we value our members and give support as best we can. We even advertise their referral links so they get the commissions when someone signs up using those links.  It is important to note that we only do this for those who are serious in being successful.

Two of our main opportunities are essentially business essentials. But, we also need to stay in the loop as far as development in technology is concerned. It is for this reason that we signed up with Rippln.  We are not promoting this openly at this stage but here are a few videos you can watch:

Power of One(Opener) - 1:31

What's Going On - 2:24

What's About To Happen - 8:22

I am encouraging everybody to Join RippLn! It costs nothing, has major benefits with a Global reach. Signing up can only be done by invitation.

After watching this video ...

Simply click on the Contact Us link below enter you Name, Surname, Email and Cell-Phone# (for SMS) so that I can send you an invite along with your code!

As you can see; we have done a lot since December 2012 to improve the experience of members of HinvestA. We would like you to visit the website as often as possible to improve our rakings.  We are constantly working on SEO but without actual visits our efforts are merely generic.

Last but certainly not the least; I congratulate all our members on your excellent achievements during the last eight months. We are all excited about the way forward and are awaiting the BIG announcement by the owner of Stiforp Nauder Khazan on the first of May 2013.

If you are not a member of HinvestA yet it is never too late to join the Safest Home Based Business on the Internet today.

To Your Continued Success




8 July 2013 Team HinvestA on the Roll


Word from the Chairman

It has been a while since our last newsletter but we were quite busy as Team HinvestA keeps on growing. Personally I am proud of the accomplishments of our members and together we are looking forward to a great future for HinvestA and its Members. Slowly but surely the brand name is gaining ground which is another accomplishment on its own.

We are also pleased to announce that our Business Concept works great and that it will not be changed. We have however changed our Travel Opportunity as the previous one was too expensive and difficult to grow online. None of our Members were affected by this change. This is proof of our commitment to look after the interest of our Members and our Mission to provide the best.

We are committed to constant and quality support to achieve success. Our call to you is to get more involved in what we present at HinvestA, tell your friends about us and create yourself a sustainable monthly income. What we noticed is that most of our Members who are involved in our opportunities did so after signing up with HinvestA.

I wish you the best of success in whatever you are involved in.

Business Concept

To stay in tune at what we do at HinvestA you are advised we regularly visit our Business ConceptPage to ensure that you are on track.

Article Library

Our Article Library at HinvestA is constantly growing and is a great source of information to learn from and to grow your business. It also provides ample information for self-improvement.

Member Training

The training in our Members Area are also coming on as we base our training on what Members would like to know and on helping new Members to an easy start.

List Building

Not only is HinvestA a great way to build our list of friends but we found the following to also be great ways to build lists:

1. Paradoxcash.

2. Advertise Your Business Now.

3. Home Business Tools

4. Campaigns like HinvestA Weekly Runner, our Success Mindset E-Course, as well as Don Merril's campaigns called List Building and Relationship and Resell Rights Products.

5. Email Marketing.

Articles about these methods will soon be included in the Article Library at Hinvesta.


Our two low cost once of payment opportunities remain Magic Dollar and 2 Dollar Miracle. At the moment there might be some issues between them and Pazza but we will keep you posted.

Our three main opportunities remain in the niche services of Business Tools, Auto-responders and Travel and they are:

1. STIFORP. Our STIFORP team is doing great and people are making money. We help one another to promote the business as you can see on our Rising Star Page as well as with ourRotator (every time you click on Rotator a different member's website will open).

2. TrafficWave. This is an Excellent Auto-responder service that we highly recommend. This service is a must for any business and therefore in high demand. You can also create yourself a 5 figure income with this opportunity.

3. Travel. Our Travel Opportunity is fairly new but like we saw the opportunity in STIFORP two years ago we see the opportunity in this one. The business owner is highly skilled and his concept is going to be another winner. This is your chance to get in from the start.

We are certainly excited about the future and urge those not involved yet to do so quickly. Once again we want to express my pride in our achievers. Well done and just keep on keeping on.


Collectively Towards Success




29 October 2013 - HinvestA from Strength to Strength


Time just flies doesn't it? We are nearing the end of 2013, but there is still time left to make the most of every remaining day in this calendar year. At HinvestA quite a lot has happened since our last newsletter. Sales are still doing great and so are the teams in our respective opportunities.

We are so proud of our members who work their businesses and persevere towards success. OurMyFunLIFE team is exciting and growing fast. The STIFORP team is also doing great and ourTrafficWave team is slowly catching up while our advertising opportunities are growing in popularity.  Congratulations to each and every member with your achievements.

Business Concept

The Business Concept of HinvestA is still standing as it was implemented on 23 August 2011 when we published our pilot site called FreeHinvestA.

Article Library

Don't forget to visit our Article Library at HinvestA which is constantly growing in content.

Member Training

To help members even more we have now opened a Video Library where we have published practical training videos. Apart from the videos on getting organized before you start the video on the 4 Pillars of Success in Online Network Marketing is especially important. Talking about getting organized; if you are not organized from the start you will find that you will constantly be busy organizing information on your computer instead of focusing on what matters namely to do the things that generate income.

Power of 3

Our upline in in MyFunLIFE started the Power of 3 campaign and it is awesome. We have pulled it through to HinvestA with our own Power of 3 page as well as our Financial Freedom page. Take note that you don't need to get involved with everything. Do what you can afford and what suites you best.

We also have a full screen video of the Power of 3 and we are also on Facebook and Google Plus. Then we have awesome weekly Conferences where you can register in advance and join the conference. Replays of these Conferences are published on YouTube. Kindly visit all these pages and comment, like and plus where applicable. The more exposure the team gets the better for everyone.


We are mainly involved with blogging at IBOToolboxParaDoxCash and GlobAllShare.


Our advertising opportunities are ever increasing to ensure maximum exposure. Our latest additions are HinvestA Free Classifieds (yes, we have our own free classified site - this handy tool will submit your classified ad to the MyFreeAdboard Network as well as the network of almost 1500 sites and it is free you can even get your own Free Ad Board) and 30 Minute List which is an amazing opportunity to build your list and get free advertising. Also remember not to underestimate the value of Classified Ads. You will find these sites on our advertising page.


As you will have noticed; we are constantly trying to optimize support to our members to make it as easy as possible for you to focus on what matters (actions that generate income)

We wish you the very best for the two remaining months of 2013 and remember we are here for you.

May you all be blessed in success as we go from strength to strength.

If you would like to watch a Video of this newsletter go to


Be blessed in success as we go from strength to strength.

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