Power of 3

Power of 3 - 7 Weeks to Financial Freedom


I am going to show six people how to become financially free in just seven weeks. As I am doing this coaching program for free, I can only help six people. If you are serious to create yourself a 4 to 5 figure income (USD) or a 5 to 6 figure income (ZAR) then I can work with you and you can be successful. You can start this program as a total online business newbie or you can be an existing online business person who wants to create more income. If you are serious and interested, you can connect with me on Skype at terrie5526 for an interview.

Don't peck like a chicken ... soar like an Eagle

If you are afraid to do so, it has become time for you to face your fears. I am a well principled person and I honestly have a passion to help people. There will be no greater reward to me than seeing these six people becoming financially free.

If you are an existing member of our team in one or more of our opportunitties being MyFunLIFE, STIFORP and TrafficWave you are also free to fall in with us by duplicating or replcating what I do.

Requirements: I need people with a clear vision of becoming financially free, Faith and faith in themselves, the burning desire to achieve and the willingness to take action. The second and only other requirement is that you need to have a credit card or debit card (Master Card or Visa) with $50 available to get started. Do not worry; you are not going to give me any money. This will be the only funds you will invest in your business.


After our interview and as soon as you get the go ahead, follow these steps:


Step 1: Getting Ready for Business


1. Give me permission to send you email regarding the Power of 3 by filling out the form to the right. You will receive a confirmation email just to confirm that it is you. The only email you will receive through this campaign will be email regarding the Power of 3.


2. Watch the video below to organize your computer for your business.


First Name
Last Name

Email Marketing by TrafficWave.net

Organize your Computer for your Power of 3 Business Part 1


3. Sign up with MyFunLIFE as a paid member taking the monthly option. This will cost you $25 which leaves you with a balance of $25 on your budget.


4. In your back office in the MyFunLIFE website make sure your personal information is correct. Click on Personal Info in the left sidebar. Update the Site Setting, Details and Address and make sure your Payment Method is updated. Under Details consider entering the display name Power of 3 - Your First Name (example: Power of 3 - Herman). Do not use inverted commas (quote marks).


5. Under Getting Started (left sidebar) complete the 5 steps as indicated.


6. Watch the video below to complete the organizing of your computer for business.


Organize your Computer for your Power of 3 Business Part 2



Step 2: Now you are ready for Business. Here is what you do:


1. Watch the video below to help you send bulk emails with Gmail.


Sending Bulk Email with Gmail


2. Go to your email Contacts and phone those you have the phone numbers of. You will have a long list so you can't waste time chatting. Just ask them if you can send them an email of something exciting you want to share with them. Tell them you will get back to them as you have a long list you have to contact and you need to get the message out as soon as possible. Send them the best email you copied to your word document in Step 1.


3. As soon as you have done that, send emails to the rest of the people in your email Contacts.


4. Send an SMS (text message) to all your contacts on your mobile phone. Your text message can read something like Look what I found followed by the link to your website then Just watch these three short videos.


5. By the time you have done this you should have three or more referrals to MyFunLIFE as this is an awesome opportunity.


6. You can also use the MyfunLIFE Independent Representative Logo to make yourself some cards you give to prospects off line.


7. As your people sign up refer them to this page to follow these instructions and assist them like I assisted you.


Step 3: Get paid to build and manage your leads/list:


1. Build yourself a blog on blogger dot com. Create a Home Page where you invite people to join you in the Power of 3. You can use the information on this page. Create an About Me Page where you tell people who you are and what your goals are. Create two more pages; one for MyFunLIFE (name it Home Business) and one for TrafficWave (name it List Building). Create the TrafficWave Page only after you become a paid member of TrafficWave. Later on you will also create a page for STIFORP (name this page Business Tools). If you have enough space left you can also have a Marketing page.


2. Sign up with TrafficWave and create a Campaign and Lead Capture Page. Get the 52 emails (a Home Business E-Course) from me to edit to your style and liking and upload them to your Campaign. This might take some time but you can do 4 to 8 letters and upload the rest as and when you have time to spare.


3. As soon as your Campaign is completed upload the Capture Page Form Code to your blog to start getting leads. Also advertise your Home Business E-Course to get leads through your Lead Capture Page.


NOTE 1: By now you have reached the end of month one and your MyFunLIFE business is up and running.

NOTE 2: This is what your budget will look like at the end of month one:








Bank Card


Join MFL



Get 3

$25 + $3



Help 3 get 3

$9 + $18



9 get 3 each




27 get 3 each



Your monthly earning end of month one will stand on      $120/month


Step 4: Use Professional Tools to promote your Business


1. Join the Matrix Buster and I will pay your first payment in TrafficWave. Take note of this date so you can enter your payment information by the third week in TrafficWave.


2. Complete your List Building Page on your blog. You can use HinvestA as an example (important to edit this information to prevent duplication).


3. Continue to help your MyFunLIFE team. Sign up three more members to become a Silver member and help them the same way you helped the first three.


4. Sign up with STIFORP. You have the choice of taking the monthly or yearly option in STIFORP (monthly = $50 [includes your fee for the first month] and yearly = $150).


5. Set up your STIFORP account to promote MyFunLIFE and TrafficWave.


6. Complete your Business Tools on your blog. You can use HinvestA as an example (important to edit this information to prevent duplication).


6. Follow the instructions in Step 2 paragraph 2 to 5 and 7 with STIFORP and TrafficWave.


NOTE 1: This is what your buget will look like end of month two:













MFL 81 get 3 each



SFP get 3



TW get 3




MFL 243 get 3



SFP 3 get 3 each



TW 3 get 3 each




MFL 729 get 3



SFP 9 get 3



TW 9 get 3



Your monthly earning end of month two can stand on $5390.50/month
For the sake of saving space I have not included bonuses in this table. Your earnings in STIFORP and MFL can be much more. Your earnings in TrafficWave will be according to their Matrix.

Step 5: By now you are earning enough to easily pay for TrafficWave. Keep on working your Power of 3 business and, most important, help people to achieve their goals.




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