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How to Claim your Free Stock Shares at Cyber Wealth 7


Cyber Wealth 7 (CW7) is offering 7 million corporate shares of their company in a promotion to focus attention on the #1 Global Internet Crime and their patented solution to that problem.

Watch the video HERE

After having watched the video, complete the form below the video.

You will then be redirected to the page:

You will receive an email from “admin@freestockshares.com” or cybersecuritywarning.com (important to look out for this email – also check your spam box if you cannot find it). If for some reason you do not find the email leave your full name (as entered below the video) in the comments below so your sponsor (referrer) can resend the email.

Your first email will look like this:


Hi [Your Name],


Thank you for watching our campaign video!

As a FREE GIFT, you got 10 stock shares that will start

paying dividends from 2015!




This form can only be accessed by clicking the link provided in

this email personally for you.


If you found this information useful, you have the opportunity

to show it to others!


You help spread the word and we'll reward your efforts with

10 additional shares for every person who views our

campaign videos through your personal referral link.


Our automated marketing system is there for you for 14 days

to send your campaign links to your friends, family, colleagues

or business partners anywhere in the world.


We encourage you to use this opportunity to get as many stock

shares as you can, in the next giant technology distribution

company, Cyber Wealth Alliance Inc. because there won’t be

another free stock share promotion like this!


Also, as we mentioned in the video, as part of your Stock Share

registration, you will be given a 14 day product trial offer

of our patented encryption software that can keep you

fully safe from online theft!


Keylogging theft is a burning worldwide problem and everyone

needs protection before it’s too late!


To complete your stock share registration and to access your

14 day product trial please click on the link below!




Thank you!


Cyber Wealth Alliance, Inc.


You can unsubscribe at the link below http://www.freestockshares.com/let.php?sorsz=865199404;-1




When you click on “CONFIRM MY STOCK” you will be taken to the “Stock Shares Registration Page!”

Your second email will look like this:




Hello and Welcome from Cyber Wealth 7!


Now, that you've completed your Stock Share Registration

and confirmed your 10 shares of corporate stock,

we would like to show you how you can gain even more stock

through our promotion.


If you haven’t yet logged in to your 14 day trial back office

you can access it here:




Username: [Your Username]

Password: [Your Password]


Once you log in, you’re able to access your Marketing System

by clicking the Marketing System tab on the menu bar.

You username and password is the same as above.


There you can send out invitations to our promotion and

gain even more corporate stock.


Please, watch this video explaining how

your Marketing System works:




We are offering 7 million corporate shares


of our company in this promotion to focus attention

on the #1 Global Internet Crime and our patented

solution to that problem.


Take advantage of the Marketing System now to gain yourself

more corporate stock and in the next email we will show you

how to take advantage of your other gifts.


To Your Success,


Cyber Wealth Alliance Inc.

Cyber Wealth 7


You can unsubscribe at the link below http://www.freestockshares.com/let.php?sorsz=865199404;-1




Your next step will be to familiarize yourself with the Product and Marketing System.

As soon as you have done that ask your friends and contacts if you can introduce them to something special. Then send the “Invitation Email Informal” to them.

You can find the email with your Campaign Link by logging in to your Marketing System site (the blue site). Click on “My Campaign Links” in the left sidebar. Copy the pre-written email provided and paste it in your email. Make sure the link is live before you send the email.

Be sure to add Free Stock Shares and Cyber Wealth emails to your contact list. You will receive a few more emails telling you more about the product.

This is your opportunity to create a monthly income with a real product that every Internet user needs.

If you are not in yet - follow our visible and supportive team today.

Watch the video HERE

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