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Terms of Service - Members of HinvestA


Members of HinvestA will have the following Benefits:


1. Members will receive a weekly newsletter called HinvestA Weekly Runner. The newsletter will contain a Home Business E-Course and links to gifts as well as various products, tools and services promoted by HinvestA. The links are posted in the right sidebar of the newsletter and we will try our best not to clutter the content of the emails with links.

2. After receiving your first newsletter you may sign up in the Member’s Area of HinvestA to download more than 130 eBooks on Business and general Lifestyle mostly with Master Resell Rights. All downloadable products have a “Download” button.

3. The Member’s Area is divided into different categories on Business and Lifestyle.

4. Training is provided and mainly derives from frequently asked questions.

5. Free material is also included in the Member’s Area to assist members in their respective businesses.

6.  The first ten members showing their commitment and involvement in HinvestA will receive a full page promoting their own businesses as well as opportunities they are involved in with HinvestA. This will work as follows:

After being selected by the Chairman these members will provide the Chairman with the following:

a.  Two articles – one about your main business – include links. This article must be written as if the Chairman is introducing you on the Internet. Make use of this opportunity to promote yourself and your business. A second article will be about the opportunity or opportunities you are involved in with Team HinvestA. Check your articles with Small SEO Tools to prevent duplicate content.

b.  Place banner URL and affiliate URL where you want it on your page.

c.  If you want to include images provide the image URLs and the affiliate link you want inserted to the image.

d.  The Chairman will use HinvestA’s Google analytic code (this will provide you with the possibility of being on page one).

e.  Please take note that if you are involved with an opportunity promoted by HinvestA but not in the same team as HinvestA you need to advertise that opportunity on your own website. You also need to have your first level in one of the opportunities filled with personally referred members.

f. Also take note that “your business” means your own domain and hosting.

8. Any Member who is involved in one or more of the main opportunities promoted by HinvestA may copy the Business Concept of HinvestA. The main opportunities are STIFORP, TrafficWave and Protection. These members have Private Label Rights to the Business Concept of HinvestA. This means that you may edit or modify it to suite your own Online Business. Just refrain from using the same content to prevent duplicate content.

9. Members involved in opportunities presented by HinvestA may also provide the Chairman with the necessary information to place their Banners on our Banners Ads Members Page.

10. Eventually we are aiming at appointing a Board of Directors being:

a. The Chairman.

b. Director Financial Services.

c. Director Systems Application.

d. Director Marketing.

e. Director Communications.

f. Director Development.

g. Director Scripture.

These member will be appointed from members who are successful with opportunities presented by HinvestA and will be “hand-picked” the Chairman and existing Directors.

Now let us get involved as a team, take action and live our dreams.

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